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The best wedding ever

One of my best friends fell in love a few years ago. She went on a trip to sweden and never came back! No jokes aside, she fell in love with a very charming gentleman in sweden. Who tought she would move to sweden, get engaged and soon to be married? Isn't that the loveliest story ever!? That's the dream! Travel to a foreign contry, meet a handsome stranger and fall in love. It's lika a movie. I am totally happy for her... and just a tad bit jealous. (But, hey! i might find one at her wedding)

Any way, she's getting marries this summer in the stockholm archipelago... That sounds so romantic! And I am the maid of honor! We have spent so many nights in our flat planning the wedding and laughing at cheesy wedding movies. I will miss her so, so much when she moves permanently to sweden after the wedding. (But if a too get married to a swedish boy we might be able to see each other more, that's my plan anyway). But I am so happy for her, he is such a wonderful boy. (I am living my dream a little bit through her, haha). But getting married by the sea in beautiful sweden sounds so romantic and I am really looking foreward to it. I have only been to sweden once. Right after they got engaged and it is truly an amazingly beautiful country. (A tad bit could tough).

But anyway. It's gonna be such an amazing wedding. My best friend is the best at planning stuff. It is going to be one of the most organized weddings in the history. but I have heard that swedes is really good at planning stuff and like things organized so they might appreciate that.